What types of face paints are used?

Face paints are made by SNAZAROO, which manufactures its products using strict FDA guidelines. SNAZAROO is the only face paint that holds a "child toy safety rating".

How far do you travel?

I am willing to travel 45m+ from Monroe Township (08831), but a $10 additional charge will be applied per hour. Call for regular rates.

Do you require a deposit?

A $50 deposit is required within one week of scheduling to hold your date. Personal checks are accepted. The remainder is due in cash on the date of the event.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Personal check or cash

How far in advance should I book my event?

I will accept event reservations right up to the date of the party depending upon my availability. However, try to book your event as soon as possible to ensure availability.

How are paints removed?

Paints are easily removed with soap and water.

What is the youngest age child that you will paint?

Paints are gentle enough to be used on people of any age including very young children. If a child is willing to be painted, I will be willing to try.

Is face painting really safe/sanitary?

Masquerade Face Painting will not paint the face of anyone who has runny eyes/nose, appears sick, or has an open sore on the face.

I am having a pool party. Will the paints wash off in the pool?

Yes! The face paints that I use are easily removed with soap and water so designs will be altered if they get wet.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, Masquerade Face Painting is fully insured through Specialty Insurance Agency. A copy of insurance certificate is available upon request.


Masquerade Face Painting only uses professional grade face paints and glitter products that are made for all skin types. They are all FDA compliant. In fact the brand paint that I use, SNAZAROO, is the only face paint that holds a "child toy and safety rating". It actually has a built in preservative system that helps keep them safe. The preservatives are very strong and it is highly unlikely that any germ can live directly in the product. All paint/glitter washes off very easily with mild soap and water.

Many face painters use acrylic craft paints. Craft paint (including those that have a label that says non-toxic) are NOT made of ingredients that are safe for use on the skin. Masquerade Face Painting highly encourages all clients to inquire about what type of face paint a face painter is using before booking and event. You can be assured that Masquerade Face Painting will only use FDA compliant products for your event.